How to improve your website using Crazy Egg

July 24, 2013Website Tips

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We recently started using a new tool called Crazy Egg to help us review our own website and we already love it! What Crazy Egg does is provide you with a visual of what visitors are clicking on in your website as a heat map.  As you can see in the first screenshot this instantly tells us what links in our navigation are being clicked on the most and the colors will very based on the number of clicks they are receiving.

This isn’t just limited to your navigation but anything on your website, this can help you discover if visitors are clicking on something that may not be clickable (hint fix that!) or may not be clicking on something you were expecting them too.

They also provide a scroll map, what this does is show you on pages that can scroll where customers looked the longest compared to the rest of the page. Using this will instantly tell you what content to get rid of if customers are not bothering to read it and what could be more front and center. The color scale below goes from Yellow with 100% attention (usually the top of your page) to Red 75% to Green 50% to finally Blue at 25%. So anything that maybe in the blue area that is important should ideally be moved up the page so it gets more view time where customers are already looking.

Another great feature is called Confetti, this takes all of your inbound traffic sources and colors codes them on where they are clicking on your website. This can help you see if you run an advertisement on Facebook where they are going once they reached your website compared to Google Adwords people.

Lastly they have an Overlay feature which shows you the hard number clicks for each area being clicked on and also gives you a percentage.

There are a lot more features in Crazy Egg but these are some of the highlights, if you are looking for a good tool to show you how to improve your website this is it. Crazy Egg gives you a 30 day free trial so check it out.


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