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December 23, 2016Marketing Tips

ActiveCampaign is email marketing software that gives you a customer relationship management platform (CRM) to store and manage your client base and also send out emails either manually or via automation.

Lot’s of other companies out there let you send your email, so here is where ActiveCampaign is different and gives you the most bang for your buck.

Email Marketing Automation

We always tell our clients, if nothing else the email marketing automation that ActiveCampaign provides alone will pay for itself within the first few days of setting up a campaign.

Email marketing automation allows you to set up a sequence that can happen over and over for each lead based on your criteria without you manually needing to be involved.

Here is an example:

Maybe you are giving away a free E-Book and with ActiveCampaign you can:

  • Create and embed the opt-in form.
  • Create the email template or select one from their stock list.
  • Automatically send out the email delivery of that e-book for each opt-in.
  • Redirection after the opt-in to your thank you page.
  • Watch the email to let you know if it was opened.
  • Watch the email to let you know if any links were clicked.
  • Send out additional emails if a certain action you setup happens.
  • Tag the lead a certain way based on actions you setup.
  • Add the lead to any new list you setup.
  • Analytics on this can be viewed inside of ActiveCampaign reporting.

You can customize these automation’s in any way to fit your unique business needs and use one or more of them to do the heavy lifting for you of delivering information to your leads.


Tagging allows you to further segment your list so you can quickly figure out who your real leads are. These tags can be applied either manually when your working on the phone with a client or when a lead clicks an email link or via the automation described above.


Typically to just get the 2 above features you are looking at software that was previously in the thousands of dollars to get and hundreds of dollars to use each month.

ActiveCampaign starts out at only $9 a month and no setup costs for up to 500 contacts in your list and includes the 2 big features above in that price. Pricing is tiered to go up based on the amount of contacts in the system and by 2 levels of feature sets that you can upgrade to as you build your business. There are no contracts so you can start out slow and upgrade or downgrade as needed.


One of the worst things you can do is invest in a CRM marketing system that does not play nice with your other software. ActiveCampaign has over 150+ integrations with the top software and services on the internet and can be expanded on even more with Zapier for others not listed.

ActiveCampaign also has an extension for Chrome that will let you see your contact information or add contacts to ActiveCampaign right from inside Chrome.

Room to Grow

Additional features are also available once you upgrade your tier for things like:

  • SMS Marketing
  • Lead & Contact Scoring
  • Custom Branding / Domain
  • Sales Automation
  • Social Data
  • Custom Mailserver domain
  • and more!

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